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With The First Box, You Can Not Understand The Medical Diagnosis Of The Disease.

High tech first aid box Gale was born from an accident. Ram Fish and his family to Mexico under the California Peninsula resort town of Los Barriles . One night, his daughter suddenly difficulty breathing. This remote town without a hospital or clinic. Fortunately, Kaiser Permanente has local English speaking staff, to provide timely assistance to him. This thing makes Fish into consideration, can make a convenient tool, let people can from the clinic very timely diagnosis of disease?

15 months later, former apple iPod team director Ram Fish founded 19Labs, launched a high-tech first-aid box Gale. This kit includes not only diagnostic tools and drugs, also equipped with a touch screen, can help users deal with various medical problems. "If you are parents or the school staff, or do you have an old man. In the absence of any medical knowledge, you can make some diagnosis." Fish said on the Fastcompany site.

In the touch screen, users choose different types of symptoms, such as "bite" or "concussion", then, to form Gale to guide the user to gradually identify specific problems. The whole process including text, pictures, and voice guide. Through the touch screen, users can make video dialogue with doctors and nurses. There is a big button Gale at the front, to start the remote medical conversation, or it can be set to call 911 or health center.

Under the guidance of Gale, users can use a series of diagnostic and medical tools (equipped with a sensor), including ECG patch, AliveCor ECG measurement equipment, blood extraction tools, digital thermometer, fingertip pulse oximeter, otoscopes, pneumatometer etc.. The sensor can collect large amounts of data, "Fish said.Gale is not a substitute for nursing staff, however, it can help users to analyze problems, timely contact the appropriate medical personnel. "It can be used in schools, workplaces, office and other places," Fish said, "in the beginning, it will appear in public. I think, after a few years, it will appear more and more in people's homes."

At present, 19Labs is the United States, South Dakota, and Canada to carry out the first test of products. Fish did not disclose the price of Gale, however, he said, through large-scale production and service charges, the company wants to hold down the price of the product. The product will be in accordance with the cost of sales, then charge a fixed fee for the maintenance of the cloud platform and content.