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There Are 12 Essential Items In The Outdoor First-aid Kit

First aid kit, you never want to use it, but for a long time to play outdoors, you really have to prepare a. Just like insurance, just in case.

NO.1 tool knife

It is absolutely necessary to have a multifunctional tool knife in the field. Although the jungle fighting knife do not have to use a similar Rambo used, but the Swiss army is essential. It is in addition to conventional integrated knife, screwdriver, scissors, and saws, screwdrivers, file, even with a magnifying glass!

NO.2 survival

It is generally a whistle, but in the wild, whistle effects not only on the pitch of the whistle blowing. Now it can save your life. When you are in distress, can use the whistle drew away some relief, or small animals (but if tigers, bears and other beasts, silent is the best choice).

NO.3 sewing kit

Whether it is the Red Army's Long March or the modern army, the sewing kit has been the field of military necessities. Of course, the modern sewing function is not only the original simple sewing needle, not only can improve the food prick, can sometimes bent into a hook, and even help (and your sewing bag with at least two fishing line).

NO.4 matches

In the wild, kindling is almost everything. It is very important to bring a waterproof and waterproof match, but if you can't buy a match like this, you can also make your own DIY. The method is very simple, the first candle melting, evenly coated in the ordinary matches, when used, the wax on the head of the match can be removed. In order to give full play to our DIY matches "strong" windproof waterproof function, you can put them in an empty film box. P (a match with the skin is clean) can never forget, otherwise our DIY efforts will be in vain.

NO.5 candle

A bar of candles is absolutely useful in the wild. You bring a flashlight, headlights and other modern lighting devices, as the battery becomes exhausted and furnishings. When the candles on the show "the true colour of a hero". In addition to lighting, candles can be warm (but don't use your fingers as potatoes). If you cut a bottle of mineral water to make the bottom of the shade, you have a field of the use of wind lights, its power is large enough, the efficiency is also improved.

NO.6 compass

Even if you take the GPS, you watch with some of the original electronic compass, compass is essential. In the wild, who are unable to guarantee the advanced equipment does not go wrong, at this time, a small compass can help you find the way home.

NO.7 aluminum film

This is a 2x2 meter aluminum film, there are two kinds of gold and silver. It can not only the wind and rain, can also be made up of a shelter from the sun. In cold areas, you can use it to wrap themselves, to maintain body temperature. The biggest effect of aluminum film is reflective, so that rescuers can find you. It can also be used to shop on the ground floor.

NO.8 clip

Although it is a very common office supplies, but in the wild, it can play a role in many unexpected situations. It used to clip over the broken knapsack belt, line pants, shoes off...... Although we don't want it to work, it might be useful to have a few more.

NO.9 medical adhesive tape

Don't look down on any little thing, it's the fastest remedy. When your coat is cut and the tent is blown apart, its function is revealed. Although its basic function is to paste gauze, but play a little bit of your imagination, you can find it can be used to send much greater.

NO.10 paper and pen

The best is that, if it is white.

At the same time, want to write something in the wild, with what pen - Parker - no, the most expensive is not necessarily the best. The harsh environment of the field, making the pencil is our best choice, is the only choice. Recommended to choose more than 2B pencil.

NO.11 several bottles

Put salt, fruit sugar, vitamin C. These humble foods may be a life-saving medicine in a crisis.

NO.12 box

It is best to choose an aluminum or stainless steel cutlery (preferably with a handle). Because the tableware itself can be used to heat, water or snow, can play a role. Although the plastic box is light, but can not be heated, the use is limited. At the same time, the metal lid can be used as a mirror, the critical moment can send a distress signal.