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Proposal To Set Up A Red Cross Emergency Box On The Bus

This year, many representatives are very concerned about urban public safety issues.

Yao Baiqing brought this year on the bus set up a red cross emergency box at the time of the public to facilitate the proposal.

At present, Zhejiang is one of the few buses on the Red Cross first aid kit, and do better, it has become a civilized city in a flowing landscape. But most of the buses are not equipped with a small number of vehicles equipped with first-aid kit is useless." Yao Baiqing believes that public transport is still the main way to travel, with small investment, the impact is large, not only to improve the province's civilized city grade, but also the need for a harmonious society."

With this question, the early, Yao Baiqing also did a lot of research. Most passengers said that as a public transport bus, it should be appropriate to configure some emergency medicine, so as to solve the urgent needs of passengers. And now most of the buses are elderly, prone to disease, pre hospital care is an important part of the emergency medical system."

Pre hospital care seems simple, does not seem to require profound knowledge and skills, but the fact that the first aid before the house is in a timely manner, the diagnosis is correct, the measure is decisive and effective, will affect the patient's safety. Therefore, Yao Baiqing suggested that across the Province Red Cross work around the bus company, bus lines in bus compartment, set up a red cross first-aid box. At the same time, on a regular basis to strengthen the bus division of professional knowledge training personnel, it is recommended that all staff must take this card. Once the accident occurred on the bus, the trained staff can take the first time in a timely and effective first aid, in order to reduce disability so as to save life for valuable time."

In addition, he also suggested that the local bus company according to the relevant requirements in the company set up the bus emergency medicine management system, standardized management, regular inspection, responsibility to the people.

Zhao Xiaochun is also very concerned about this issue. He suggested that the strengthening of urban public safety emergency facilities of the information technology, the establishment of a unified information platform, so that the intelligence sector to share information, but also facilitate the people access. At the same time in the "full disclosure of the relevant information, whether can map software service providers to encourage high German, Baidu and other mainstream will be related to emergency facilities information integration to its city map, convenient public emergency required."

Zhao Xiaochun also mentioned in the proposal, to strengthen the old city and the new city high-rise public safety emergency management.