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Prepare The First Aid Kit For Life

The first aid kit is the first aid for the fire accident, but the configuration of the first aid kit is different according to the economic conditions and individual needs. Wealthy families may be more comprehensive allocation of emergency kits, the economy may be a simple family.

5 sets of fire emergency general packet filter self contained breathing apparatus fire (smoke mask), fire extinguisher, fire blanket, escape rope / descent control device, emergency flashlight. The functions of these emergency tools are as follows:

1, the fire of the victims of the 80% is billowing thick smoke choking, leading to suffocation breathing difficulties. Want to stay away from the smoke in the fire, fire filter self rescue respirator (smoke mask) is a magic weapon.

2, the fire extinguisher can be flammable, combustible liquid, gas and live equipment of the initial fire in a timely manner to save the fire, but also can save solid substances such as the beginning of the fire.

3, fire blanket can eliminate the initial fire, but also in the fire, the blanket wrapped around the body, so that it can be a good protection of the body.

4, escape rope / descent control device, generally below 6 floors can only prepare escape rope, more than 6 layers can be only prepared to slow down. Escape rope in the fire caused by a large area of smoke, can be used for people trapped in the lower floors of the rope escape. It is a device of high building fire escape self-help equipment, trapped senior staff can pass it safely.

5, emergency flashlight, when the fire is usually accompanied by power outages, etc., then the emergency flashlight can play a warning function.

In short, the general fire emergency kit can meet the basic fire treatment. Red cube Xiaobian remind everyone in daily life should pay attention to electricity, water, fire and gas, the correct operation. Responsible for the lives of their own and family members, always pay attention to fire safety.