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Home To The Elderly What Drugs To Stand?

1, cardiovascular drugs

Now the old people are suffering from cardiovascular disease, nine out of ten, in addition to the drug should be prescribed outside, usually may prepare nitroglycerin, once feel chest tightness, heart discomfort, or is the emergence of angina, immediately sublingual.

Now there is a new nitroglycerin spray, as long as the spray on the two will work, more convenient. If the parents are suffering from cerebrovascular disease, children at home can prepare Angongniuhuangwan pill, if found to have signs of stroke, such as slurred speech, suddenly speechless, you'd better let them take a grain.

2, digestive drugs

Gastrointestinal dysfunction is a common problem for the elderly. On the one hand, they can be prepared easily after eating flatulence, gastrointestinal drugs like some domperidone; on the other hand, constipation is not a big problem, but it is a lot of sudden death in the elderly. Therefore, should prepare some laxative drugs, such as Enema Glycerini.

3, blood pressure meter, blood glucose meter

For blood pressure agent, the ears of the elderly is the best choice of electronic, accuracy is generally no problem. When you feel dizzy, chest tightness and other uncomfortable symptoms, it is best to measure in time. In addition, usually get up in the morning, it is best to measure blood pressure, in order to find the anomaly earlier. Blood glucose meter is a necessary thing for patients with diabetes, can not be measured anytime, anywhere.

Finally, we need to remind you that the first aid kit in the family, such as drugs, accessories, such as the need for regular inspection and replacement, timely elimination of expired drugs. The equipment needs to be disinfected after each use, so as not to cause bacterial stack.