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A Good Partner - Car First Aid Kit

The best emergency first aid awareness is to do ahead of time to prevent in the bud, the best time to rescue is the first time after the disaster. The use of vehicle emergency kit is very low, and even low to a lifetime may not come in handy, as long as it is used on the last time, you can save yourself or save someone's life!

Why is the car equipped with first-aid kit?

When the occurrence of disasters and accidents, if there is no way to timely treatment, is likely to cause serious consequences, the vehicle is equipped with a first aid kit can help you handle timely and properly in the car in case of an emergency.

What first aid tools are included in the first aid kit?

Vehicular first-aid bag usually contains a variety of traffic accident processing tools, mainly for emergency escape hammer, warning triangle, a battery fire, tow rope, wear gloves, medical emergency bag, disposable raincoat, repair tools, clean towels, emergency fluorescent vests, flashlight

How to save the flooded car?

There are often reported flooded car occupants can't open the door to suffocate in the car, because the water pressure is not easy to open the door, exit only glass, if this happens, the car has a first aid is a very important escape hammer.

How to break down on the way?

In general, the vehicle after the failure, the occupants should first try to move the car to the roadside, immediately after open the double flash warning signs, warning triangle with reflecting action and placed in the car, so the traffic is easy to detect, otherwise easily cause the vehicle rear end collision, consequences be unbearable to contemplate.

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