PU Bag Baby First Aid Kit White Color Baby Care with CE&FDA

PU Bag Baby First Aid Kit White Color Baby Care with CE&FDA
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Accidents happen, especially when kids are in the house, and being prepared is always a great idea. A first aid kit will always come in handy, and teaching your child how to use the kit will help enable them to care for themselves in an emergency. Having a well-stocked first aid kit on hand for your child will help put your mind at ease and let you and your family to worry less when injuries occur. You can purchase pre-made kits from the store or online, but making your own first aid kit ensures your kit has everything your child could need in an emergency.


This baby first aid kit is carefully selected for your baby's first aid needs. All quality products are 100% safe for baby and fully tested. Includes a step-by-step baby first aid guide delivering valuable first aid instructions specialized for babies.

-Organized water repellent pouch - Keeps items accessible & in place

-Free first aid guide in every kit

-Velcro strap to attach the pouch in a car

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ITEM# SW1133



Material of the bag

PU bag

Size & Weight

12x8.5x 3.2cm or customized


OPP BAG or gift box


Baby first aid kit checklist Contents:

1 x Non adherent absorbent dressing (pack of 2)

1 x Conforming bandage 5cm*4.5m (pack of 2)

1 x Blunt first aid scissors

1 x Adhesive tape  1.25*5y (pack of 2)

3 x Disposable childrens thermometers (pack of 3)

4 x Alcohol free cleansing wipes  (pack of 10)

2 x Square hypoallergenic plasters  (pack of 10)

1 x Large elbow/knee hypoallergenic plaster  (pack of 10)

8 x Children fun hypoallergenic plasters(pack of 20)

6 x Brave Little Star Stickers  (pack of 12)

1 x How to make it better-Guidance leaflet