Hotsale Fire Blanket 1m*1m

Hotsale Fire Blanket 1m*1m
Product Details
  • Emergency survival fire blanket ideal for the kitchen, fireplace, grill, car, camping and so on

  • Extinguish various types of fire by suffocating it, including liquid and grease fire

  • Can also be used to wrap around your body and act as a heat shield

  • Isolates high temperatures up to 1076℉ or 580℃

  • Meets CE specifications for cooking fire suppression

ITEM# SW4001

Fire blanket Contents:
This fire blanket is used to quench and resist fire spreading
Used to extinguish various types of fire including both liquid and grease fire in office, warehouse, ship, car, construct, house, kitchen, restaurant, amusement building, gas station etc.
Can be used simply without training.
Material: Fiberglass cloth
Size (length*width) : 39.3×39.3 Inches(1*1m), 47.2×47.2 Inches(1.2*1.2m), 59×59 Inches(1.5*1.5m), 70.9×70.9 Inches(1.8*1.8m), 78.7×78.7 Inches(2*2m)
Included: 1 x Fire Blanket

t is made of the most fireproof,heat-resistant and insulating materia,laffectively used for smotharing fires and escaping from a burning placa. It is mainly equipped in
kitchen,gas station,orfor industrial and marine
applications.It comes with an easily accessible red container for mounting directly on the wall.